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They call me Vítek Ježek

I am hungry. We are living in a great time - there are way too many possibilities around us! Just grab one! It's a pity to work on something you don't love!

I am foolish. I believe that interesting things are usually happening on the edge of reality. Things most people are really not interested in.

I dream about shared bikes.
For everyone

I was fed up that there is no bikesharing in the Czech Republic. So I created one. In 2013 I founded Rekola bikesharing - a lightweight system that can be used in almost every city. We provide hundreds of thousands of bike rents per month; we have thousands of bikes. In 2016 we got an investment from Reflex Capital (by Ondřej Fryc, founder of Mall.cz). And we are now spreading across Europe.

I work from a homeland or remotely

In addition to Rekola, I am (now a little bit passive) part of web-development agency manGoweb. We are making complex websites (like Czech National Television; Skoda) and mobile apps - eg. for Starbucks UK. We are enjoying the possibilities of current technology. I also like to travel to the south during the winter season and work from there as a digital nomad.

Public space has more to offer

Once in a while, I am doing flashmobs and other urban games within a group called Děsír. I believe that public space is not just some medium we use to move from point A to point B. It’s so much more! A great place where we can enjoy our spare time, meet new people and old friends. A place for new experiences, to enjoy our lives!

What I learned I pass on

I am helping people to grow as a mentor in the Vodafone Foundation programs or in the Foundation of Karel Janeček. Or even on my own, sharing my knowledge with people during lunch or breakfast. I am usually talking about Lean Startup: how to push some idea into the real world.

Every year I am trying to disconnect

Once a year I am going for a long biking trip, at least for a few hundreds (or thousands) kilometers. I biked from the Czech Republic to Paris, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Venice. I am usually connected to the Network throughout the year. So on these days, I am trying to switch off all the electronic devices and feel the difference. Hear all stories from people outside of my “social bubble”. Experience new things among the way. The journey itself is the destination.

And I am still hungry. And still foolish.

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Jezek.Vitek 🤷